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Visa & Permit Services

Our Service to You Description
Visa/Permit application follow up We can help you track your application and contact the Department to establish the status of your application.
Appeal If your application was rejected and you wish to appeal it in order to obtain a new result
Waiver If you cannot meet certain requirements and have very good cause, you can apply to waive the requirement (for example to change visa status in RSA). This is not a visa application and processing time is dependent on good cause, regulation to be waived, etc.
Rectification If there is a mistake on your visa you wish for the Department to fix.
Visa Transfer If you have a new passport and wish to have a valid visa transferred into it.
Determination of Citizenship If you were once a citizen of South Africa and wish to determine if you still are.
Citizenship through Naturalisation If you have had permanent residence in South Africa for 10 years and have not left the country for more than 90 days per year, you qualify to apply for citizenship.
Foreign Birth Registration If you were born in a foreign country when your parent(s) are/were South African Citizens
Proof of PR If you need to obtain proof that you are still a permanent resident.
International Visa If you wish to apply for a visa to travel to a foreign country
Legalisation If your temporary visa has expired and you wish to apply for a new visa
RSA Police Clearance We can assist with the couriering of your application to ensure the correct and timely issue of the certificate
Sworn Translations We can assist in obtaining Sworn translations from any language to English
Medical Insurance We can assist with short term Medical Insurance applications with Momentum for students who wish to study in South Africa
Department of Labour If you wish to obtain a general work permit, depending on your qualifications and your employer, we can assist with obtaining endorsement from DoL.

Visa Types we will help you with

Temporary Visa Type Duration Description
Tourist Visitor Visa short stay You can apply to renew you visitor visa for up to 90 days. You can apply to change this visa for a long term visitor visa.
Long Term Visitor Visa up to 3 yrs You can apply for a 3 year visitor visa depending on your prescribed activities (please enquire) or if you are a foreign spouse or minor child of someone with a valid long term visa.
Study Visa duration of studies You can apply to renew a study visa or change the study institution on your visa.
Spousal Visitor Visa
2 yrs A spousal visitor visa allows you to work, study or conduct your own business while you reside with your South African spouse/life partner. Proof of 2 years relationship is required for a 2 year visa and 5 years for permanent residence.
Relative Visa 2 yrs A relative visa allows you to reside with your South African parent, sibling, spouse or life partner but you are not allowed to work, study or conduct your own business.
Own Business Permit 5 yrs You can apply for a Business Permit if you want to establish or invest in a business in RSA. You need to show a minimum capital of R5 million. Please note there are certain undesirable businesses that DHA will not issue permits for.
Medical Permit 6 mnths You can apply for this visa if you have very good recommendation from your doctor that you are unable to travel and that you are receiving treatment.
Critical Skills Visa 1-5 yrs There is a range of critical skills that South Africa needs from foreigners. Based on your qualifications and field, you may qualify for this 5 year visa and once you obtain it you may apply for permanent residence immediately.
General Work Permit 5 yrs For all other general employment purposes you need to obtain approval from the Department of Labour first.
Retirement Permit 4 yrs You can apply for this visa if you can prove that you meet the financial requirement of a minimum income of R37 000 per month from pension, investments or retirement annuities.

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