Who is VFS?2018-09-25T12:42:43+02:00

VFS Global is the private company used for visa and permit submissions, as well as collections. Once the application is submitted through them, they send the application to DHA head office in Pretoria for processing. Once DHA head office finalises an application, the send the results back to the VFS Global office where you submitted the application. There are currently 11 VFS Global offices in South Africa. See more here: http://www.vfsglobal.com/dha/southafrica/

Who is DHA?2018-09-25T12:43:23+02:00

The Department of Home Affairs handles all immigration matters. Their head office is located in Pretoria. They process applications. See more here: http://www.dha.gov.za/

Where do immigration consultants fit in?2018-09-25T12:44:10+02:00

We are experts in the field of immigration. We provide advice based on facts and continuous support in regards to your immigration needs. It is often difficult to obtain the correct information from Department of Home Affairs or VFS Global officials, and often they provide incorrect information. Immigration consultants provide you with reliable information and assist you with visa and permit applications.

What is your basic procedure?2018-09-25T12:46:05+02:00
  1. Establish client needs and discuss requirements via physical appointment, email or phone-call.
  2. Collating, quality control of documents received.
  3. Finalisation of documentation
  4. Invoice and Proof of Payments
  5. Confirmation of Application submission appointment details
  6. Accompany client at Application centre on appointment date if applicable
  7. Tracking and following up of application
  8. Collection of result of application on behalf of client
  9. Keeping hardcopy of valid/original documents on our files for future reference
  10. Staying in contact to keep your visa valid or when you can apply for permanent residence if applicable
How do I know what documents I need for my application?2018-09-25T12:46:38+02:00

We provide you with the exact requirements for the application applicable to you. We provide clarity on any items that are unclear to you and we may be able to assist you with obtaining certain items.

What do I do if I cannot obtain certain documents?2018-09-25T12:47:10+02:00

If you cannot obtain a certain document, this may risk you not being able to submit your application until you are able to obtain the document. There may be alternative options available to you that we will provide you with.

Do I have to submit my application at VFS in person?2018-09-25T12:47:40+02:00

Unless you can provide a doctor’s letter stating that due to medical reasons you are unable to attend, it is absolutely compulsory that you can attend the application submission appointment in person.

What do I need to bring to VFS on the day of my appointment?2018-09-25T12:48:22+02:00

Normally you need to bring your passport, and any other documents instructed by us for you to bring on the day.

How long will the VFS appointment take?2018-09-25T12:48:52+02:00

The appointment can take anything from 15 minutes, up to 2 hours. This depends on how busy their office is, the management of their appointments, and whether they have any technical problems with their systems on that day. It is best to clear your schedule for that day so that you do not have to reschedule the appointment if it takes too long, which will result in forfeiting your application fees.

What can I expect during my visa application appointment?2018-09-25T12:49:35+02:00

The queuing at the VFS Global office is based on a number system. Once you arrive there, you or our assistant will obtain a number and once this number is called, the submission of your application will take place. Once the application is submitted, any additional payments need to be made to VFS via debit/credit card (only). The final stage of the appointment is when the VFS staff take your biometric information (fingerprints and digital photos).

Does VFS take my passport?2018-09-25T12:50:06+02:00

In South Africa, the VFS Global offices do not retain your passport whatsoever. They return it to you once your application is submitted. VFS Global South Africa and SA Embassy and SA High Commission offices outside of South Africa normally retain your passport for the processing of your application.

How long do applications take to be finalised?2018-09-25T12:50:28+02:00

Temporary visa applications can take anything from 2-12 weeks, depending on the nature of your application. Permanent residence application can take anything from 6 months (in the Critical Skills field) up to an average of 3 years (Spousal, relatives, etc) Special applications such as Waivers, Exemptions and Transfers can take anything from 4 – 9 months.

Is there a fast track option for my application to be finalised quicker?2018-09-25T12:50:50+02:00

There is currently no fast track option through DHA or VFS Global whatsoever.

How can I track the status of my application?2018-09-25T12:51:21+02:00

By using your VFS Global AURN/ Reference number and your surname, you can track your application status here: http://www.vfsglobal.com/dha/southafrica/track-application.html

The status will either show that it is with DHA in processing, or that it is at VFS Global ready for collection.

What if my temporary visa has already expired?2018-09-25T12:51:46+02:00

If your temporary visa has expired and you are in South Africa, you are considered to be illegal in the country. You have two basic options: (1) apply for legalisation with good cause or (2) depart from South Africa and obtain an overstay ban. We can assist with both of these, please contact us for more information.

What will happen if I miss my VSF appointment?2018-09-25T12:52:11+02:00

You will forfeit your VFS Global fees and be charged additional fees by us to redo your application. It is always better to rather reschedule the appointment at least 2 days before the appointment instead of risking forfeiture of the fees paid.

What will happen if I need to cancel my appointment and get a refund?2018-09-25T12:52:38+02:00

Depending on the reason why you need to cancel your appointment, VFS Global may still subtract an administration fee off of the fees you paid them – which can range from R250 – R850. We rather suggest rescheduling it to avoid the risk of losing any funds.

What is TIES Immigration’s refund policy?2018-09-25T12:53:03+02:00

As our fees are only charged once our work has been done, and our work is of a service nature, we do not offer refunds unless it is an exceptional circumstance.

What will happen if I need to reschedule my appointment?2018-09-25T12:53:33+02:00

You need to notify us at least 2 working days in advance to avoid forfeiting any fees paid.

What do I do if I received a rejection letter for my application?2018-09-25T12:53:53+02:00

Based on the reasons provided by head office for the rejection, we will advise you on how to proceed and whether an appeal application is a viable option or not.

What do I do if I received a visa or permit with a mistake on it?2018-09-25T12:54:14+02:00

Depending on the nature of the mistake, we will advise you on how to proceed and whether a rectification application is a viable option or not.